Image Denoising

RENOIR - A dataset of digital camera images corrupted by real low-light noise and their clean counterparts.

Active Random Fields - A MRF based model trained together with a fast and suboptimal inference algorithm achieves thousands of times speedup without loss in accuracy.

  • J. Anaya, A. Barbu. RENOIR - A Dataset for Real Low-Light Image Noise Reduction. Journal of Visual Comm. and Image Rep. 51, No. 2, 144-154, 2018 (arxiv, data)
  • A. Barbu. Training an Active Random Field for Real-Time Image Denoising. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 18, November 2009. (pdfppt)
  • A. Barbu. Learning Real-Time MRF Inference for Image Denoising. CVPR 2009 (pdf)

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